When You Just Need Some Help

Your business is your passion.

Your business is your livelihood.

Your business is your blood, sweat and tears.

What happens when something goes sideways?


There are many reasons why a business can become an administrative nightmare.

A bad hire for an office manager, DIY bookkeeping or just being too busy to manage it to name a few.  When you are in that situation, it can be overwhelming and quite frankly, dangerous for the future health of your business.

Our Disaster Recovery Service

If you are facing a situation where your business is a few years behind filing or you literally have NO idea what is going on with your paperwork-please know that you are not alone. It is way more common than you may think.

When business owners are dealing with this type of situation, it can be made worse due to anxiety or embarrassment. It is a very vulnerable feeling passing your finances on to someone else and we completely get that. Please be assured that we have seen it all.

With that out of the way, here is what we can do for you.

  • Bring us all the paper. Shoe boxes, grocery bags, banker boxes, binders, whatever. It doesn’t have to be pretty. We will organize it for you quickly, efficiently and logically.
  • We will review your previous accounting software and fix what we can. We can also start from scratch and depending on the severity, sometimes this is faster and cheaper.
  • Once we are done, we will return the paperwork to you in a clean and organized manner that is ready for filing.
  • We compile year ends for your Accountant or tax preparer.
  • Reports are provided to show you the financial health of your business and this can help you make future financial decisions going forward.
  • We continue on the bookkeeping cycle keeping your books clean and current.

Our intention is to get your business books clean and operational as efficiently as possible so you can focus on your business and feel you are in capable hands.

We got you covered.